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LLM Programmes in India
LLMs in India
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Government Law College (GLC), Mumbai - LLM Programme

Eligibility - Students with an LLB degree or its equivalent, may apply. Only five students per group will be admitted on merit basis. If any of the students do not take the admission by the prescribed date, those on the waiting list will be given admission based on that order. There is no admission test.

Application Procedure - Applications for admissions are given out in April. After submitting your application form, a merit list will be released based on the performance of applicants in the previous law degree.

Course Structure

The LL. M. degree is conducted by the University of Mumbai and it enables students to develop their interests in many of the major areas of law to which they have been introduced in the LL. B. and also provides opportunities for the study of important specialized areas. The course is for two years. A student can choose any two groups out of the eleven groups mentioned below and each paper in the group carries 100 marks -

Group 1: Legal Theory
1. The development of Legal Thought
2. Jurisprudence
3. Legal Method

Group 2: International Law
1. Public International Law
2. Law of International Organization
3. Private International Law

Group 3: Property Law
1. Concept of Property and Proprietory Rights (including tenancy)
2. Law of cooperation and Land Acquisition
3. Law of Succession and Trust (including equity)

Group 4: Commercial Law - 1
1. Law of Contracts (including Agency only)
2. Company Law, Comparative Company Law of U.K., U.S.A., Germany and India.
3. Maritime and Air Law or Law of International Business Transactions.

Group 5: Constitutional and Administrative Law
1. Indian Constitutional Law
2. Comparative constitutional Law
3. Administrative Law.

Group 6: Personal Law
1. Hindu Law: General Principles, Law of Property, Law of Succession
1. Mohammedan Law: Origin and Development, Law of Property, Statutory Law

Group 7: Commercial law - 2
1. Labour Law
2. Taxation Law
3. Law of Banking, Negotiable Instruments and Insurance.
3. Law of Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright

Group 8: Law of Crimes
1. Criminal Jurisprudence
2. Criminology
3. Criminal Law

Group 9: Environmental Laws
1. Environmental Jurisprudence
2. Environmental Protection under General Laws
3. Special Environmental Laws

Group 10: Consumer Protection
1. Consumer Justice – General Principles
2. Consumer Protection Act, 1986
3. General Laws concerning Consumer Protection

Group 11: Human Rights Jurisprudence and Laws of Human Rights
1. Evolution and Development of Human Rights
2. Human Rights Jurisprudence
3. Human Rights – Global Perspective


Not Available.



Tuition Fees
Exams & ID Cards
Jr. L.L.M. (1st Year)
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 539
Sr. L.L.M. (2nd Year)
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 645


Needy and deserving students are granted Free Studentships, Scholarships and other educational concessions under the schemes mentioned below

· Government Open Merit Scholarship

· Government Open Merit Free studentship

· Government of India National Scholarship

· Government of India National Loan Scholarship

· Educational concessions under economically Backward Skill

· Free Studentship And Educational concessions to Backward Classes

· Educational concessions to the wards of Freedom Fighters

· Scholarships to the children of Primary and Secondary School Teachers

· Grant of Educational concessions to the persons who join the Armed Forces while studying in the emergency to complete their education after their release from the armed forces

· Scholarships to the physically Handicapped students



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